Rivers Edge Resort

Looking for another reason to visit River’s Edge?


We’re just 2 miles out of Wisconsin Dells, but once you’re here, you’ll love what a difference that two miles makes away from all the hubbub.  There is something for everyone!


Like to fish?  This stretch of the Wisconsin River boasts some of the best fishing in the state, and the midwest for that matter!  Spring time kicks off the start of the walleye run.  Whether you’re looking for a wall hanger or dinner, this part of the river delivers!  Just as the spring run is coming to an end, the white bass start their run.  Want to have a good time, be here right around Mother’s Day!  The white bass have gone after bare hooks!  Minnows work better, but keep your fingers out of the water…  just in case!  And in the middle of the walleye and white bass run, the small mouth bass make their appearance.  Those will bite well into the fall, and getting them over 6 lbs. is every anglers dream!  Then there’s the hook and line sturgeon season in September!  There are not too many places you can catch a fresh water fish as big as the average fisherman!

Don’t know where to start, stop in the River’s Edge Bait Shop and we’ll point out all the hot spots.  Between the public fishing access and areas right from the launch, you are practically guaranteed



Tired of fishing, or maybe that’s just not your thing.  Try the sights!  Enjoying the river in a canoe or kayak is peaceful bliss.  There is nothing but you and the drip off the paddle, the wildlife and those world famous rock formations.  Most everyone who goes out on the river has experienced the majesty of the bald eagle, the guarded and graceful whitetail deer, more than a sly fox or two, and some pretty bold ducks.  They don’t always remember their wild and aren’t above asking for handouts!


Paddling is not your thing?  Sometimes there is so much to do and see, you have to take your travels up a notch.  Try seeing the sights in a boat and motor.  We have 14ft. aluminum boats with 8 hp motors, just perfect for this stretch of river!  Want a bit more luxury, how about a pontoon?  Pontoon boats are an affordable luxury for lounging in the sun, taking in the sights and spending an easy day on the water, so pack a cooler and make a day of it!


Not sold yet?  Too much adventure?  How about tubing?  Give the original lazy river, the Wisconsin River, a chance to fill that ‘just-want-to-kick-back’ goal.  How’s this for the ‘easy level’?

Pack a cooler and go to River’s Edge.  That’s it.  From there, we do all the work.  We take you on a shuttle boat up river, drop you off on a beach and you float back to us.  You’re in one tube, your cooler is in the other tube.  Your biggest goal: relax!  or have fun!  Whatever your priority is, we’ve got you covered!


Ahh, I just heard some grumbling for the Very adventurous.  All this just a little too kicked back for you, because you have your own jet ski and aren’t sure where to go.  Come on down, we’ve got you covered.  The Wisconsin River is beautiful – at any speed!


Yeah yeah, all this sounds really nice for the sun worshipers, right?  But you’re one of those people who need something to do when you’re not in your bathing suit.  I get it…  Log cabins are cool, but log cabins with a roaring fire in the fireplace and temps announced in the wind chills have a whole new meaning.  We have those too, and with hundred of miles of snowmobile trails leaving virtually from your from door, what better way to enjoy winter?!  Don’t have your own sled, we can hook you up with a place that rents snowmobiles.  Snowmobiling too fast?  Consider down hill skiing, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing.  All just within a few miles.


All this is at your fingertips while at the River’s Edge.  The possibilities are endless.  We are family owned and operated resort just minutes from Wisconsin Dells.  We have log lodging, just like what Abe Lincoln had, only with indoor plumbing, of course!  Right next to us is a public park and a public beach, offering nearly 1000 ft. of sandy beach!  If the river is not to your liking for swimming, we do have 2 heated pools for your comfort and enjoyment.  Between the private and public (right next to us) access, the ideas are truly endless!!!


Give us a call,   608-254-7707 or 608-254-6494