1st Annual Youth Fishing Jamboree set for June 5th 2010

LAKE DELTON, Wisconsin – Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project founders Ben Hobbins and Dan Small announce Lake Delton’s “1st Annual Youth Fishing Jamboree” to take place June 5th, 2010 at Lake Delton to highlight and celebrate the restoration of the lake area and fisheries. The youth-only event will include 3 waterways -Lake Delton, Mirror Lake, and the lower Wisconsin River. This “learn-to-fish” event will encompass a “youth fisheries biologist” theme designed to illustrate the project’s ongoing, successful efforts to restore the fisheries of Lake Delton.

“The Youth Jamboree highlights and focuses positive attention on continuing Lake Delton restoration efforts and the area’s tourism base,'” said Hobbins.

Fishing will take place from 9 am to 1:00 pm. The all-youth fishing event is for youth under the age of 16 and will start at 9am at Kaminski Park with opening ceremonies and end with a 1 PM closing ceremony by LDFRP team and DNR officials. Activities will include 15-minute youth fisheries biologist clinics preceding fishing. Youth will be taught how to “catch, measure, record and release” all fish caught – as ”youth fisheries biologist apprentices” taking actual fish species surveys on clipboards for the DNR. Scouts will have an opportunity to earn their fishing and related conservation badges (new BSA badges developed for 2010 announced by BSA & ASA’s Future Fisherman Foundation). At 12 pm at Kaminski Park, “shore lunch” preparation will commence for youth put on by area sponsors, clubs, fishing guides and pros. The Jamboree’s outdoor education format is the first of its kind in the USA, culminating with the delivery of youth fisheries biologist surveys to DNR Fisheries biologists and officials at the 1 pm closing.

“Bringing our youth into fishing at an early age helps sustain fishing and raise awareness for the project’s conservation efforts while developing a love for fishing and the outdoors,” said Small.

The 2009 stocking program included release of 20 million fathead minnows and golden shiners, 9,000 11⁄2-inch walleye fry, 1000s each of white catfish, crappies, perch, small and large mouth bass fingerlings, and another 5,000 10-inch walleye fingerlings last fall. “Some of these walleyes and other fish we released will reach keeper size by fall 2010,” said Scot Stewart, WI DNR Fisheries Biologist on the Task Force leading fish stocking in collaboration with retired DNR Fisheries Biologist, Gordie Priegel. The June 5th event will mark the 1st anniversary of commencement of the Lake Delton stocking program, and the second anniversary of the restoration of Lake Delton and the surrounding areas of the Dells. The event was envisioned to celebrate our youth and joint efforts in restoring Lake Delton by partners, sponsors and volunteers and worked together to repair the breech and highway, strengthen the dam, add structure, rebuild and refill the lake, and commence the successful fish-stocking program started a year ago.

“This is the capstone event, highlighting the project and the DNR’s active role in fisheries restoration, conservation, and Lake Delton’s rebirth and rapid return as a vibrant fishery”, said Hobbins.

Major event sponsors include Gander Mountain stores, the Crestliner™/Brunswick Boat Group, Lake Delton’s River’s Edge Bait & Tackle, Schleef’s Bait & Tackle, C&H Distribution of Lake Delton, Dan Small Outdoors, Frabill™, IronClads™ soft bait brands, Lake-Link.com, Lake Delton Sportsmen’s Club, Walleyes North America, Gary Engberg Outdoors of Sauk City, Wilderness Sports and Outdoors of Sauk City, 4-Lakes Guide Services. FLW and Collegiate Bass Fishing team members from around the state are major sponsors and will help provide material and manpower support for the event. Additional sponsors are expected to come aboard to support the event in the coming weeks.